Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"Creative Bonds": a practical performance-based workshop for 3rd year medical students, Special Studies Module, Glasgow Medical School.

On 14th June 2010 we gave a joint presentation with Dr. Madeleine White to third year Medical students at the University of Glasgow as part of their module in the Medical Humanities. This was followed by a half day practical performance-based workshop. workshop outline:-

Explore communication, non-verbal communication, behaviour and how we all subconsciously adapt and change behaviour in different situations.

· To heighten observation and non-verbal communication skills.
· To consider physical spatial relationships and how these influence how people behave.
· To explore embodied experience as a means of self and group reflection.
· To relate these experiences to experience of medical practice and working

The use of practical exercises drawn from performance and improvisation exercises and group critique, as developed through our own art practices.