Monday, 1 February 2016

Objects & Movement, collaborative workshops with hospice patients

The aim of this session  (2/3 at the hospice) was to explore movement in relation to an object, as a way of bringing different awareness to an everyday object, beyond its function.

We used an exercise "Conversations with An Object" p117 from Body Space Image: Notes Towards Improvisation and Performance by Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay as inspiration for a group warm up exercise. This involved improvising a movement or action as we passed a cup between us without using words. We investigated function, material, surface reflection, the object in motion and body shape in relation to the object. These improvisations grew to consider the physical transition or handing over as the object passed between one person to the next. This was really inventive and continued for about 15 minutes.

We had a video by Ivo Dimchev based around Franz West's objects as a possible example to show, but felt we didn't need this after such a good warm up process.

The session progressed to working in pairs and improvising movements in relation to a glass vase and a round fish bowl, chosen at the last session by the two people we were working with. The emphasis was on gesture or shape rather than 'doing' something with the object.

Through a process of doing we came to realise that the scale of our improvised movements where determined by the size of the objects we were working with, as we were seated at a table with only so much that we could reach. Also, a continuation of a group exercise, rather than breaking off into pairs, might have offered a bit more freedom to fully explore the range of what was possible.

Adaptives, Franz West