Wednesday, 13 March 2013

It's not what you think - Communicating Medical Materialities,conference at Medical Museion, Copenhagen

8-9 March 2013 we were selected to present a performative workshop to conference / workshop participants exploring the materialities of medical environments at "It's Not What You Think: Communicating Medical Materialities". The workshop call outlined the limitations of using language to analyse and explore the material world when these experiences are fundamentally embodied. 

We proposed a practical performance-based workshop based on material generated during our residency working with parents of premature babies in a Neonatal Unit.
Through our own research we came to understand that “too much talk” around this material carries the risk of objectifying and instrumentalising the words and experiences of other people. We were using a performative process to uncover another form of understanding. For the workshop, we proposed to redeploy and reflect on the processes we had developed to date, to explore how the specific materiality of the unit itself, and of the voices of the people inhabiting that space could be communicated and shared outside the original context. We hoped to discuss the issues this raised for us as artists working in medical contexts.

Unfortunately in all the excitement we didn't manage to take any photographs during the performance itself.